Charged Copper controls and continues to conceal your identity. Upwind copper scent control products incorporate the most advanced proprietary copper ion technology to eliminate a broad spectrum of odors. Upwind copper ion technology uses a charged catalyst system that rapidly reacts oxygen molecules with odor molecules

Charged Copper Catalyst

Triggers an extremely rapid reaction with oxygen from the wind

Safe - Proven - Trusted

Tested and patented for bio-compatible deodorization

Rapid Continuous Control

Permanently eliminates odors within seconds of contact and continues to accelerate oxidation reactions

Performance Guaranteed

Proven and backed with a 100% money back guarantee

  • Eliminates a broad spectrum of odors: Human scent, bacterial odors, diesel/fuel, exhaust, smoke, pet, food, etc.
  • Cold and Hot temperatures will not reduce the effectiveness of Upwind
  • Natural copper blue liquid leaves no residue and is non-staining
  • Safe and non-irritating on skin, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable
  • Naturally odorless, Unscented, and Scent-Free
  • Trusted for years in the healthcare and industrial environments where safety and performance is critical.
  • Copper formula remains stable with an unlimited shelf life with a money back guarantee.
  • Upwind formula contains no enzymes, baking soda, peroxide, alcohol, triclosan, chlorine, or harmful chemicals.

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