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How Copper Works

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  Some of our first original field test reviews! 

New sheriff in town...

I have used scent free products for twenty years and by far a better product. I was always taught to be clean and this takes care of that problem, the mouth spray and laundry product works wonders... 

Great Stuff!

I was using scent killer gold and was getting no results, deer were sniffing around and leaving my area as fast as they got there so I got this to try and it was like night and day they came in and hung around and wasn’t alarmed at all. 


Land Mine' deactivated!  

I accidentally found a 'land mine' on my front lawn with my hunting boots, left by my neighbor’s black lab. And it was a ripe one!!!! After a quick rinse with the garden hose the odors were still strong. I used the scent eliminator spray on the wet boots and the odors were immediately gone. Great product. A couple of days later a buck walked up on my position and now I have meat in the freezer. Never winded me. 


Upwind very effective. 

 In testing of the Upwind products, I have found all the products in the pack to be at least as effective as comparable products and, in some regards, more effective. The detergent and the spray were non staining on all fabrics I tried them on, and did a great job eliminating odor detected by the human nose. These apparent odors were not as effectively eliminated by competing products that we have tried. One of the best products in the pack is the hair/body wash. Other products tried have tended to dry both hair and skin more than regular shampoos/soaps. this product did not have this effect and worked as well as my regular shampoo in this regard. 


Upwind odor eliminator works! 

I think this is the best odor eliminator I have ever used, because the deer did not know I was any were around, deer came in and fed all around me for a long time. I would recommend this product to any type of hunter. 


Hunt Report and video by Thomas Mlsna:

"I was extremely fortunate on Saturday morning, to harvest a 5.5 year old warrior of a bully buck I call “Jaws”. Three years of history on this buck and a handful of encounters, including two FULL days of watching him this fall when he worked a doe into the area I was in. I spent the entire day, both of those days, watching this buck tend a doe- bedding with her, controlling her movements, and running other bucks off, all within 80 yards, but never presented me with a shot. Even though I was stuck on stand without food or water for 14 hours one of those days (I was prepared the next time out), being in the presence of a mature whitetail and going undetected, observing his every move and interaction, was one of the most amazing experiences of my bow hunting career. This buck was old and ornery, but educated. He would acknowledge every call attempt I made- rattle, grunt, bleat, snort-wheeze, etc.…but would never commit. I even slipped in with a decoy on the second day, but even that could not fool him. Finally after moving the stand for the third time, in the middle of the night, I was able to get a clear shot on him. He expired after 50 yards. To added to this warrior’s dossier of scars, including puncture wounds on the end of his nose, around his eyes and on his neck, he was carrying 4 inches of an arrow with a mangled broadhead inside of his chest cavity from seasons past. I would not have even considered hunting the same area, on all day sits, as many times as I did, without complete scent control. It wasn’t until my 5th sit in the same pinch point, that the buck presented me with the shot! My first encounter put him, along with other deer, directly downwind of me, yet he stuck around all that day and even returned to the area. There is no doubt in my mind that this old wise buck, in our over-pressured area, would have moved on after the first hint of foreign odor in his bedroom. Thank you! Keep the great products coming!"


Upwind Odor Elimination Fools Coyotes!!

 In 55 years in the woods, I have never seen coyotes fooled by human scent covers or eliminators. I have seen them come to a path used by humans and change direction. In a pop-up blind, with 4 zippered windows open about 4 to 5 inches, I had 3 coyotes come to within 20 yards. These animals are some of the wariest creatures in the wild. One of them remained long enough to eat 3 mice it found. I have used many scent eliminator cover ups and have never been this close to coyotes in the wild. I had used the Upwind Odor Elimination products before going to the blind. I doubt that it is just a coincidence. It had to be this product to fool them. 


Awesome product works as described! 

 We received the package of Odor eliminator field spray (plus refill), mouth wash, washing detergent, and body wash/shampoo combo. The price was very reasonable. I think there should be a deodorant added to the pack, one preferably that is not sticky. We washed our clothes, took a shower, sprayed ourselves down in the field before the hunt. That morning, within an hour, there was an 8pt. buck shot. Then, that night within an hour of sitting, a nice size doe was shot, this was an area we had hunted for weeks with nothing seen. The day we received the products I used the field spray on pet beds and the Oder was eliminated immediately and lasted for days. I was amazed! I really think that the manufacture did a wonderful job with this product. It works exactly as described. I am sold on the product both for hunting purposes and home use. I would highly recommend this product to friends, family and anyone who hunts; as well as for home Odor elimination. 


Better days in the field!

When I did my part by using the body wash, and the spray bottle, I was very happy with the results. I had deer closer to me than ever before. The mouth rinse is a unique product that eliminates breath odor without leaving a bad taste in your mouth. 


Upwind works, great product!

This weekend I had very good results with the Upwind product. Friday evening while bow hunting I had a spike buck approach me to within 5 yards, and he never smelled me, even when downwind of me, he near spoked. Then Saturday, on the Missouri opening day for firearms, I harvested a 9-point buck, that came within 20 yards down wind of me. Again, he never smelled me. Up Wind products are truly odor free - no cover scent masking at all - and work as advertised. Great product. 


Upwind Works! 

I received the Upwind Super Slam Pack two days after shipping. After reviewing the product, I used all items in the pack. Everything except the concentrate whose use was not mentioned, was easy to use and did what it claimed. I repeat, it did what Upwind claimed it would do. I get one chance to deer hunt every two weeks and am always concerned about the conditions going in. I have found that broken cedar boughs rubbed on my clothes works about as well as most scent killers but Upwind made a believer out of me. Not only did the deer remain relaxed so did fox and raccoons even in a swirling strong wind. Upwind scent eliminator works. The odor eliminator squeeze bottle totally masked my scent as well as that of my pack, belt and boots which were not previously washed. I recommend the mouth rinse foam for everyone even as a morning breath odor eliminator.


This product is awesome!

 I've hunted successfully my whole life and always had a small issue with the deer picking up my scent. I've tried many scent products out there, but I'd say this product works better than any other product I've ever tested. I'd recommend this product to anyone! 


Sent eliminator actually works!

This product works, and I was happy with the results I got! Not only did this product work but I put most similar products in its dust. 


Upwind the Product That Works.

Upwind is a product that must be tried to believe in it. Use it all, laundry detergent, body wash, mouth rinse, and the odor eliminator. The system really works. On one my hunts I got this nice six-point buck. He walked right to me and I was up wind of him. I recommend this, it works 


Under the Radar

 On the first hunt of the season I used the spray on the outside of my jacket, pants, and boots. Had a doe come in and lingered around till after dark. Anticipating a homemade dinner, I was getting restless. I shone my flashlight on the doe; she put up her head to smell, but after a few moments, returned to eating calmly. It took 30 minutes of me making noises and using the flashlight to persuade her to go, until finally she left the scene. I am confident this product works and look forward to further testing its array of products and its abilities as the season goes on. 


UPWIND outstanding!

 When the product arrived, I was going to go hunting that afternoon. The timing was perfect, washed my hunting clothes, took a shower, sprayed my clothes When I got to the woods using all the products that I received. An hour later I shot a doe 15 yards in front of my stand. Outstanding product, easy to use, top quality, works well, the deer don't know you're there. 


Hunting in the wind!

 Day seven of the 2013 Wisconsin deer season it's been a very windy season with no luck. So, I thought I would try out this product. On my way to the woods I smoked a cigarette!  So, when I got to the woods I sprayed myself down and used the mouth rinse foam and headed out for my stand. About half a mile later I arrived sweating, so I sprayed myself down again and climbed 20 feet up the tree. The wind was blowing right down the back of my neck, it was cold. About an hour into the afternoon I seen four does coming with the wind blowing right in their face. All I could think about was that cigarette I just had to have on my way to the woods. As they got closer, I got more and more nervous and suddenly, I couldn't see them any more I was upset! Suddenly, they reappeared standing 35 yards right in front of me with my wind in their face! As I pulled the trigger all I could think was I can't believe she never looked up. 


It really works!

 It was able to eliminate the odor of ocean scent from my father who works as a lobsterman. That is a hard scent to cover up. The deer came in all around and under his tree stand. Not once did the deer even acknowledge that we were there. To us that was impressive. 



 I received the UPWIND PACK Saturday and followed the instructions on the letter regarding how to use it. I have tested the product for two weeks and have had amazing results. I had seven does’ come in one evening and they were on both sides of my tree and an eight-point buck came within five feet from the base of the tree. He was just not big enough to shoot. I had a nice ten-point buck come in the third day of testing the product. He came right by my trail camera, but He cut up the hill before he got to me. I saw deer every time I hunted and did not get blew out of the tree once. I am including a picture of the buck on the trail camera that got away for now. If I get this buck or a bigger one, I will update my review. Upwind really works. I am 100% sold on this product and will use it from now on.  If you hunt, try Upwind you will not be disappointed. Thank you UPWIND for allowing me to test your amazing product. 


Upwind Works!

This is a good system. I got within 15 feet of some nice deer, and yes, upwind of them. They never knew I was there. If they added some deodorant to this kit, it would be perfect. Worked on Bobcat too. 


 Testing Upwind Odor Elimination

I had the opportunity to test the Upwind Odor Elimination package. The products included odor elimination in the following forms: • Laundry Detergent • Full Strength Odor Eliminator • Concentrate refill Odor Eliminator • Hair and Body Wash • Mouth Rinse Foam.  To test the laundry detergent I washed my shorts, shirts, and socks from my stinky gym bag in a small load. When they came out of the washer, they had no smell at all. After drying I still detected no odor. I pulled a dirty sweatshirt out of the laundry and one smell of the armpits confirmed I had used it working on the yard a few days ago. Just a few sprays of the full-strength odor eliminator were all it took to completely cover the smell, but I wanted to give this product a harder test. The stinkiest place in my whole house is 2 litter boxes side by side in my cat room used by 3 cats. I waited until they were really ripe and then sprayed them with about 3 – 4 sprays of the full-strength odor eliminator. Almost instantly, the odor just disappeared. I’m sold! I tried the mouth rinse foam and found the foaming nozzle to very effectively turn 1 squirt of the liquid product into thick and rich foam that did not quickly break down. One morning I realized I had forgotten to brush my teeth the night before and my mouth tasted bad. One squirt of foam in my mouth swished around for about 30 seconds and the bad taste was completely gone. The slightly minty flavor was very nice. After working in my hot garage last Saturday, I tried the hair and body wash in my shower. Again, the product was pleasant to use, left me feeling clean, and free of any odor that I could detect. These products really work, and I would recommend them to my fellow hunters. 


Trapped in my stand........  

Upwind odor elimination products work so well that I had to cough a little to get deer to leave the area I was hunting. I wanted to get out of my stand without them realizing where my stand is located. I sprayed down my ladder stand and had one deer sniff the ladder without detecting that I was sitting above. Great product Upwind, thanks. 


Upwind is clearly the most versatile and effective scent elimination product line on the hunting market.

If your current product is not supposed to be used on skin, leaves a lime scale like residue, or is recommended to be tested on a remote part of your $200+ jacket then it is not meeting that build. This is not just your average stuff! One of my (and my wife's) favorite uses is removing the smell from my hands after skinning a beautifully furred up coyote or that big cat that has eluded you for so long. This particularly abrasive smell will not wash out no matter how many times you try any number of household soaps. A couple sprays of Upwind rubbed in will remove it completely and permanently. Use it outside of the box. We require particularly good results as predator hunters and Upwind delivers. I can say that if it beats a canine nose it beats any nose. I place the same faith in Upwind as I do my rifle, my ammo, my hunting clothes and my partner. Stop letting air movement determine how you hunt!




Triggers an extremely rapid reaction with oxygen from the wind
Permanently eliminates odors within seconds of contact and continues to accelerate oxidation reactions
Tested and patented for bio-compatible deodorization
Proven and backed with a 100% money back guarantee
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